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The North American market and its vendors have dominated smart home market adoption and revenue. However, as smart home momentum continues to build over the next 5 years, vendors will increasingly have to adapt their smart home strategies and products in response to the impact of developing Chinese and Asia-Pacific smart home markets.

Despite this ...

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Smart Home for the Holidays

Smart home devices have become a trendy holiday gift item since Amazon introduced its Echo in 2014, and with the addition of Google Assistant and Facebook Portal into the mix, among others, that momentum is expected to continue. Reduced pricing and starter smart home bundles will entice millions of dollars in consumer spending this holiday ...

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The Robot And The Smart Home

The home robotics future many of us have imagined is here, although adoption into the technology has been limited to date. Pricing, availability, and consumer awareness are some of the factors involved, but another overlooked facet is the current disconnect between home robots and smart home technology. While robots in the home have always to ...

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Smart Home Integration Taking Shape

The popularity of smart home technology and devices has prompted new developments in how the market is reshaping itself. While over 34 million households worldwide adopted a smart home device for the first time last year, new home growth is starting to give way to the integration of additional technology with the devices consumers already ...