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2021 Predictions for the Freight Transportation & Logistics Industry

2021: Year of the Cold Chain

With COVID-19 vaccine production complete and distributors urgently looking for ways to transport it safely, all eyes are on the effectiveness of the cold chain. Early vaccine candidates require ultra-low temperatures, as much as -70 degrees Celsius©, or -94 degrees Fahrenheit. This is influenced by a lack of data ...

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Freight Logistics: Rising Costs and Concerns

It is no surprise that the COVID-19 outbreak has led to panic buying of items such as toilet paper and sanitizing supplies. However, this buying behavior has led to a massive need for trucks to help restock stores, shrinking the capacity available for other products. The result is a historically tight trucking market that has ...

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With pressure mounting from economic uncertainty, industry consolidation, and evolving competition, commercial fleet managers are relying on investments in technology to remain profitable and increase ROI. Consumer expectations around e-commerce—now a year-round consideration instead of just during the holiday season—are stronger than ever, and the amount of data available to fleet operators continues to grow ...