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Combating Illegal Content Streaming and Piracy

As pay TV and OTT service providers battle to gain market share, they are investing heavily in premium content, advanced equipment, and technologies that support low latency and offer a better user experience. Despite efforts to maintain and gain subscribers, service providers are increasingly challenged by piracy and illegal content streaming. With a number of ...

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Freight Logistics: Rising Costs and Concerns

It is no surprise that the COVID-19 outbreak has led to panic buying of items such as toilet paper and sanitizing supplies. However, this buying behavior has led to a massive need for trucks to help restock stores, shrinking the capacity available for other products. The result is a historically tight trucking market that has ...

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Cloud-Native Networking for a 5G Era

5G and Cloud-Native networking Market Overview

Based on findings from  a recently commissioned Cloud-Native Networking for a 5G Era report, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are seeking to transform their network infrastructure, automate operational processes, and transform internal mindsets to capture new growth. The transformation is being driven, in part, by a growth of user data demand ...

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What Will Become of the Unmanned Store?

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has kept consumers at home in recent weeks and turned the retail industry upside-down. Public health awareness has motivated shoppers (primarily of food and essentials) to keep their outings brief and contact-free. Once our daily lives and routines re-enter a state of normalcy, the effects of the pandemic could precipitate a ...

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Seven Key Elements OEMs Need To Consider When Choosing Their 5G Chipset Partner

The 5G Devices Market Landscape

The mobile industry’s move to 5G has begun in earnest with expectations that more than 150 million 5G smartphones will be sold this year, irrespective of the impact caused by the coronavirus outbreak. This growth can only be reached if it is underpinned by the latest requisite technology, namely chipsets ...

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Evaluating 5G and Edge Computing on the Factory Floor

While 5G has hit the ground running with telco companies and consumers, and smart transportation prepares for its arrival, its link to edge computing will be one to watch over the next decade. 5G in manufacturing will grow from its current annual revenue of under $1 million to a near $11 billion technology by 2030 ...

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Optimizing UX for Smart Glasses

Oftentimes with the introduction of a new technology, efforts in hardware and software development focus on experimentation and pushing the envelope, rather than the actual experience for new users. Augmented Reality (AR) is no different, where efforts over the past few years have mostly centered around piloting and experimenting with head-mounted and mobile-based AR.

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Trending: Cloud Vendor Partnerships

As cloud suppliers continue to grow their footprint in the IoT value chain, their investments in data and analytics services are accelerating. Based on the review of cloud vendor offerings, recent acquisitions, and competitive outlook, ABI Research forecasts that cloud suppliers will grow their share of IoT data and analytics management revenues from US$6 billion ...

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Biometrics: The Evolution Toward Digital Identities

Traditional government-issued documents are currently the worldwide standard and function as the primary form of ID. They are required for standard identification uses and as a mandatory step toward other fundamental societal interactions, including registering for banking services, voting, accessing healthcare facilities, and, of course, traveling and border control. The concept of citizen identity in ...

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Cooperative mobility is set to be propelled by the mass adoption of Long-Term Evolution (LTE Uu) vehicle connections and investment in roadside infrastructure connectivity. It refers to a scenario where all traffic agents (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, making transportation more efficient and safer.

Shipments of vehicles that ...

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