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As viewer preferences continue to shift from linear to online television, accelerating the video streaming market, the demand for sports and other live programming options continues to grow in kind. We forecast live video streaming to grow at CAGR 10% to 91 million subscribers in 2024. However, achieving low latency remains a challenging issue in ...

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Cities have faced traditional challenges like congestion, pollution, and safety for decades, and most have a plan to combat them. Meanwhile, cyberattacks, climate change, and natural disasters are new threats currently mounting, which require new approaches and an expanded range of technologies to create true strategy shifts. Digital twins & urban modeling, resilient cities, circular ...

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Integrating security into IoT projects is no easy feat. However, it is an increasingly urgent necessity. With an installed base of 44 billion connected devices projected for 2023, the amount of data and information generated and shared will reach zettabytes of data, according to our data and forecasts.

Highly Sensitive. Highly Vulnerable.

Much of the data flowing ...

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