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Smart Home for the Holidays

Smart home devices have become a trendy holiday gift item since Amazon introduced its Echo in 2014, and with the addition of Google Assistant and Facebook Portal into the mix, among others, that momentum is expected to continue. Reduced pricing and starter smart home bundles will entice millions of dollars in consumer spending this holiday ...

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5G and the Factory Floor

5G has finally made its mark on a wide range of applications and services, most notably in the consumer market. However, larger revenue opportunities will arise from targeting enterprise verticals. ABI Research forecasts that by 2028, manufacturing will account for nearly a quarter of total generated revenue in the 5G Ultra Low Latency Use Cases (URLLC ...

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With pressure mounting from economic uncertainty, industry consolidation, and evolving competition, commercial fleet managers are relying on investments in technology to remain profitable and increase ROI. Consumer expectations around e-commerce—now a year-round consideration instead of just during the holiday season—are stronger than ever, and the amount of data available to fleet operators continues to grow ...

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As viewer preferences continue to shift from linear to online television, accelerating the video streaming market, the demand for sports and other live programming options continues to grow in kind. We forecast live video streaming to grow at CAGR 10% to 91 million subscribers in 2024. However, achieving low latency remains a challenging issue in ...

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Cities have faced traditional challenges like congestion, pollution, and safety for decades, and most have a plan to combat them. Meanwhile, cyberattacks, climate change, and natural disasters are new threats currently mounting, which require new approaches and an expanded range of technologies to create true strategy shifts. Digital twins & urban modeling, resilient cities, circular ...

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Integrating security into IoT projects is no easy feat. However, it is an increasingly urgent necessity. With an installed base of 44 billion connected devices projected for 2023, the amount of data and information generated and shared will reach zettabytes of data, according to our data and forecasts.

Highly Sensitive. Highly Vulnerable.

Much of the data flowing ...

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Several robotics companies have grown their autonomous mobile robot fleet in 2019 and are poised to scale exponentially over the next five years. Retail is an industry tied to a significant portion of this vast growth, as automation and efficiency remain key drivers for meeting today’s consumer demands.

The Potential of Retail

The value proposition for ...

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U.S. Vs. China Manufacturing: How AI Will Shape The Landscape

Industrial manufacturing is undoubtedly a strong economic catalyst in both the United States and China. Artificial Intelligence represents an opportunity to not only revolutionize the industrial manufacturing space, but drive economic transformation and growth as well. 

While both countries have integrated AI capabilities into their industrial manufacturing operations, the United States currently holds a ...

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Traditional SIM Cards Giving Way to eSIM

The market for traditional SIM cards, currently on the decline, is ceding ground to the eSIM ecosystem. 5.53 billion SIM cards were shipped in 2018, compared to 5.54 billion in 2017. Challenging market conditions are expected to facilitate another shipment decrease of -0.1%, likely translating into another market contraction in 2019 due ...

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According to our research, the total installed base of devices with Artificial Intelligence will grow from 2.694 billion in 2019 to 4.471 billion in 2024.

Billions of petabytes of data flow through AI devices every day. However, right now, most of these AI devices are working independently of one another. Yet, as the volume ...

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