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I spent an eventful (and busy) four days at MWC this year, following up on security announcements, and observing some interesting demos. Many of last year’s security themes were still relevant, notably around IoT, automation, and AI & ML, and some faint, if important, messages around quantum security!

Most of the entrenched security companies I ...

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5G was pervasive theme at many booths at MWC Barcelona 2018.

Massive MIMO, multiple input multiple output antennas, are a key technical innovation required by 5G. Various antenna vendors demonstrated massive MIMO antennas from 16T16R up to 64T64R but it looks like antenna vendors are taking different approaches to addressing the challenges of 5G.

Kathrein ...

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At MWC 2018, the African Telecommunications Union emphasized mobile telcos need to redouble efforts to provide communications services to the remaining 2 billion unconnected peoples. This is not just about providing mobile voice and messaging but also e-health, e-governance, e-education and mobile money.

Huawei is very much targeting the rural cellular coverage needs of mobile ...

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 Vasona Network had a pretty convincing demo for MEC-based gaming that could target the high-end gaming market typically occupied by Xbox and PlayStation.

 Samsung Networks is making a very aggressive play into the 5G infrastructure market. need to watch this. Not only3.5 GHz but also 28 GHz solutions as well as CPE ...

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Digital transformation has had a rocky ride over the past 3 years. While AT&T and Verizon have been very bullish in their plans to re-architecture their networks for a digital services future, momentum on the ground for other tier 1 and tier 2 operators appeared more tepid in 2015 and 2016. 2017, however, has proved ...

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