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The deployment of telco networks is a complex, expensive exercise that is governed by strict regulations once licenses are awarded. In the past, voice and data traffic growth has fueled—and justified—nationwide mobile or fixed network deployments, but it is not yet clear what new revenues 5G will bring. Given that managed services and network sharing ...

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Only a couple of weeks have passed since Apple shipped its first iPhone X smartphone and already hackers have claimed to circumvent the device’s FaceID authentication system. Using a combination of 3D printed mask, color printouts, and a silicon nose mold, the group demonstrated that it could fake the iPhone X sensor into believing the ...

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OTT viewing is making a drastic shift from being focused on video-on-demand (VOD) content to live, including large amounts of viewing for flagship events. This puts additional pressure on network technology as well as origin servers. At the same time, the content is destined for the cloud – which is one reason why cloud-hosted workflows are ...

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Quantum computing and information theory could therefore create powerful computers, capable of staggering processing speeds and incredibly accurate measurements, as well as enabling the foundation of a highly secure communication infrastructure. However, this same type of power presents dangers as well in that it could just as easily break many of the cryptographic technologies in ...

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