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Every so often Amazon makes announcement that looks like a Ryanair publicity stunt; something that sounds remotely plausible but in reality is a non-starter. The difference is that these are very much starters. We have seen the drone, the bookstore and even Amazon Dash and now we have the payless store. No more queues, no ...

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler published an interesting letter addressed to Senator Mark Warner, in response to his questions asking what the FCC is planning to do regarding the well-publicized IoT DDoS attack powered by Mirai & co botnets. Mr. Warner puts it well when he states that “Mirai’s efficacy depends, in large part, on the ...

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Sports leagues, advertisers, and broadcasters looking to impress sponsors, develop their future technology platform, and impressed fans have started to invest in at least a single UltraHD camera rig and production system, capable of producing a predictable pace of premium UltraHD content. Many distributors today are thinking of delivering this content as demonstrations, with a ...

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