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SXSW 2016 continues this week with a plethora of connected and autonomous car presentations.  

ADAS gains the greatest vehicle mindshare with eight presentations including: including:  Autonomous Vehicles and the American City, Autonomous Vehicles are Here. But Are We Ready? Texas as a Self-Driving Car Case Study, In-Car Entertainment in an Autonomous Future, Robot ...

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As part of their announcement chain for the Game Developer’s Conference, AMD released an interesting figure: AMD will power 83% of the total addressable market for Virtual Reality. Wording is key here, as total addressable market is far different from market share. In fact, there really isn’t a market to share just yet in tethered ...

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I read an interesting article last night (did anyone get the official time of death of TV) on why Indoor location technologies needed to move away from infrastructure (beacons, Wi-Fi,  etc) and adopt a model based on handset based technologies and RF signals of opportunity, much like what happened with GPS, Skyhook Wireless and ...

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