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On February 2nd Bloomberg reported Google’s Drummond has informed Uber's board of the possibility the search giant would launch its own ridesharing service.  At the same time Uber announced a strategic partnership with Carnegie Mellon University as well as the creation of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center near the CMU campus in ...

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Neils Bohr was right, forecasting is hard. But through the analytical process, one learns a lot about how the market could grow and what are the primers for growth. The secret to a reliable forecast is to build the most coherent model possible based on the insights you have, and then review your assumptions frequently ...

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While this year’s CES may have lacked any big announcements or disasters (see Michael Bay at Samsung last year), the size (170,000+ people) and diversity of this event never ceases to amaze. The big themes included wearables, health and wellness, connected cars, drones, smart homes, virtual reality and 3D printing. Not unlike last year ...

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The FCC's latest auction, no. 97, for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-3) is about to conclude.

For January 9th 2015, there were only 27 new bids, bumping the overall bids by just US$ 2.08 million. Overall the US government has done well, raising US$ 44.63 billion for the Treasury. Initial assessment thought the ...

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Introduction and definition:

 This blog entry is meant to provide a brief introduction to the field and go through some of the types and metrics.  In addition, a brief discussion is included regarding the perceived primary advantage of biometrics and the cyberattacks that can be used to bypass its security protocols. Biometric security ...

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