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Due to Apple’s reluctance to divulge any Apple Watch numbers speculation around revenue, ASPs and therefore volume of sales and shipments has been feverish and a wide spectrum of estimates from 2 million to 4 million units sold has emerged. ABI Research believes that 2.3 million units were sold and just over 2 ...

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At the end of June 2015, smart home SaaS player launched its IPO. Priced at US$14 a share, by the end of the first day’s trading, the stock had reached up to US$17.88, or 27.7% above the offer valuation.

A few days ago, the financial analyst quiet period ended ...

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With the release of Google’s new Nearby and Proximity APIs in conjunction with the Eddystone BLE Beacon standard, many have questioned the viability of start-ups and developers looking to create a business model around proximity apps and a services such as navigation, analytics and advertising.  While the market has certainly become much more democratized and ...

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In early July, Splunk announced the acquisition of Palo Alto startup Caspida for US$190 million. Caspida specializes in real-time cybersecurity and advanced persistent threat (APT) detection in corporate and cloud environments, using behavioral and security analytics. The next day, Splunk stock rose 4%, from US$69 to US$72 a share. The acquisition comes ...

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So very quickly, Eddystone is Google’s new BLE Beacon standard that essentially broadcasts three distinct signal types; UUID( as per iBeacon standard), URL (as per URIBeacon standard) and TLM a new telemetry signal.

For those of you already familiar with Google’s URIBeacon standard, Eddystone allows you to broadcast a URL much like a scanned QR ...

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As the EU “Grexit” scenario reaches a firm deadline on Sunday, the financial world is starting to wake up to a much larger headache in the shape of the Chinese Stock Market. While the bubble is across the board, the tech space has seen some incredible funding in the past 12 months, something that had ...

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Fitbit’s IPO efforts filing delivered some key insights into the company and the activity tracker market.


Much of the excitement and success around the IPO was fueled by the details that Fitbit shared about its operations ahead of the IPO. In a market where most players are either private or so large that their ...

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