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The RSA Conference 2015 was a busy one for me this year and I met up with about 30 different companies during the week. The big topics this year that I wanted to highlight flowed around automation, threat intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The security industry is mature, and it is very competitive, with ...

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ESPN or more accurately stated ESPN2 caused a mild uproar on Twitter Sunday night (April 28th) after viewers were surprised to see “Heroes of the Dorm” airing on the sports channel. Many on the opposing side called foul on the show, decrying the “athletes” lack of physical prowess – well aside from the strong ...

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Twitter’s investment in Swirl is that has really grabbed the headlines, so I have given a quick analysis of the company and the area in general. There have been bigger investments (SK Telecom Acquiring Shopkick), while Companies like Facebook and Groupon are already testing their own iBeacons, but this is an early and important verifier ...

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There is something telling – symbolic, even – about ARM’s former CEO, Warren East, taking the helm at Rolls-Royce. Going from one industry to another of course isn’t exactly anything unusual in the corporate leadership circles, but still, it’s difficult not to generalise on it, just a little bit. When such an iconic manufacturing group ...

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With HERE officially issuing a “come and get me” this week, there is a lot of speculation as to who will acquire the company. The whole thing raises a series of questions, which I am going to attempt to answer below.

Why Now?

Why has Nokia decided to sell HERE now? Or more specifically, why ...

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