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The FCC passed net neutrality regulation using Title II, a strict—and more consumer-friendly—legislative option. Whether nudged in that direction after President Obama “suggested” Title II was the way to go, or the FCC arrived at the final legislature unbiased, is neither here nor there. The regulations are in the final stages of approval, and will ...

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Biometric security measures are not something new from a technological perspective and until recently they were employed mostly in the governmental sector. Recent technological advancements in both biometrics and smartphone technologies are allowing a convergence between the two that is naturally evolving, allowing multiple verticals to benefit from it. Biometry in CE has moved way ...

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Well, that didn’t take long. About two weeks after I had remarked that Amazon doesn’t seem to have a lot going on for its IoT strategy, the laggard in question confirms to TechCrunch that it has acquired 2lemetry, for an undisclosed sum. So I stand corrected. That’s a savvy acquisition. For what it’s worth, when ...

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Security was a more imposing topic this year at MWC. It has always been part of the show, but I believe this year, security really came into its own, with increasing interest in root of trust and embedded security. From mobile to carrier networks, from hardware to managed services, there were a lot of interesting ...

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Apple have sent out invites for an event on Monday with the words “Spring Forward”, no doubt timed because the clocks are about to change (to summer time) this weekend and perhaps on Monday too in Cupertino. 

Nearly 1.1 billion watches are sold every year, but only 30 to 50 million luxury watches ...

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