Cloudberry Mobile is Launching the First Carrier-Neutral Small Cell Network in Europe.

 The small cell network operator is moving fast on its plan to run a global carrier-neutral small cell network starting with Norway as the first location in Europe. Earlier this year, the operator has revealed the availability of its solution based on integration with Cisco’s products. Last month, Cloudberry acquired a 2.6 GHz spectrum license from Norwegian broadband service provider Nextnet, completing the last piece in its plan.

Cloudberry aims to offer a quick and cost-effective solution to mobile operators to solve network coverage issues and slow data traffic in homes, offices and outdoor areas. However, the company has pointed two aspects where it expects the solution will focus on; enterprise market and VoLTE.

With 70-80% of the mobile communications happening indoors and because of the multi-operator nature of enterprises, Cloudberry identifies a significant opportunity that comes from the urgent need for neutral small cell solution in the enterprise market. The company’s other interesting target is to provide VoLTE through its predicting an increasing demand for the service as it starts to take off worldwide this year.

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