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It’s funny, there is so much hype around wearables, yet few I speak to are fully convinced about converged devices- there is a real emperor’s new clothes feel about this market that is leaving many reluctant to truly back it unless the emperor (in this case Apple) says it’s okay-to paraphrase a semi-famous neighbour, “the ...

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Politics make for strange bedfellows, but the pursuit of a common goal often makes an unthinkable alliance come to pass.  AT&T and Verizon Wireless jointly deployed a Distributed Antenna System at the University of Oregon Autzen stadium.   A joint venture like this makes sense for probably three reasons.

  • Economic efficiency – more than ...

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A new kickstarter project is due to launch called 4SeTV, which brings multiview capabilities to anyone for both a tablet and your TV.

The box is addressed at a market closest to Sling boxes; it brings in an antenna and allows consumption on IP connected devices.  To use it:

  • A box with a terrestrial receiver ...

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Gizmodo published a nice write-up about Netflix's OpenConnect, available at:

It's not just Netflix investing in their own content delivery. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and most major publishers are investing in their own CDN around the content and services they deploy. Some operators like the boxes, because they decrease network ...

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Zero-days, the bane of organizations worldwide, is the golden goose of cybercriminals, jealously guarded and highly prized, serving to feed top-tier exploit kits and financial and political cyberespionage campaigns. Zero-days allow any number of exploits to be created, and are particularly popular for targeted spear phishing attacks. The effectiveness of such vulnerabilities has had a ...

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Recently I was asked about biometrics and the potential shift that some people see, not just for fingerprint readers, but also iris and retina scanners in mobile devices.  Of course, this could easily extend to other devices but mobile is so big, and smartphone adoption continues to grow so quickly, that it is the most ...

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