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On May 20, 2014, Telstra, Australia’s leading fixed and mobile network operator announced that it will invest more than AU$100 million to create “one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks” for use by its home broadband subscribers and the general public. In addition, Telstra’s Wi-Fi network which will become available early next year will ...

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Visualize This! Fixing a Telecom Global Services Business

Recently I looked into telecom global service provider financial reports (Paywall:  here), and as I lean toward the visual for insight and understanding, I prefer to graph the revenue and profit .  Here is what I find in its quarterly reports:

Revenue and profits plotted over ...

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The In-Building Wireless market is hyper-competitive, and since 2012, there have been several changes to the equipment vendor ecosystem. Alvarion and Powerwave are now out of business. Axell was acquired by Cobham and InnerWireless was acquired by Blackbox. Also CSI sold its services business, the CSI Solutions Group, to Goodman Networks.

Now this year the ...

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In February this year CCS – formerly Cambridge Communication Systems – announced that its small cell backhaul technology is in live operation with China Mobile. CCS followed this with an announcement in May of successful completion of trials with China Telecom.

CCS’s use of advanced SON and its innovative MP2MP topology are turning out to ...

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In case you missed it, Google purchased BYOD enabler Divide on Monday. Divide is a workspace management vendor, enabling enterprises to separate work and personal profiles on a personal device.

By purchasing Divide, Google is placing a greater emphasis on enterprise mobility for a couple of key reasons. First, current market perception of Google Android ...

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The prospect of YouTube (and by extension Google) purchasing Twitch (the “world’s leading video platform and community for gamers”) for a reported $1 billion has caused some to sound the anticompetitive alarm.  But is this really a case of a giant squashing a promising upstart?   Perhaps…but let’s put this into perspective.

Google has ...

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In the modern telecom post-regulatory world, a customer relationship is a special and rare item that should define a company.  All service needs of the company are fair game – including (in relatively historical order of customer adoption), telephone, Pay TV, broadband, home automation, payment systems, automotive telematics, eHealth tracking, etc, are ...

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Historically, the weapon of choice in reaching analog shutoff (ASO) goals set alongside digital terrestrial (DTT) programming launches has been the digital transport adapter - a relatively low cost ($20-$40) box that receives digital signals and converts it to an analog format (Coaxial or composite video) to deliver to an existing TV.

Advanced Television reports ...

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A friend told me about a recently submitted review of a restaurant that based entirely on the fact that the owner (or at least a person driving a car heavily labelled with said restaurant’s logo) stole their car parking space. In reality, the personality of the owner doesn’t necessarily impact the quality of the food ...

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