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It has been a couple of weeks since MobileIron filed for an IPO. Writers, analysts, and anyone else interested have moved on to something else. Surprisingly, while searching on Google for any missed articles or discussions regarding the subject matter, it appears this filing was somewhat low-key compared to prior industry activity. When IBM acquired ...

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Today, Motorola Solutions announced that it has invested an undisclosed sum in Recon Instruments. This follows a similar investment by Intel in late 2013 and gives the company a warchest to expand into a variety of markets, having already achieved a lot of initial success in the skiing arena, forming partnerships with eyewear market leaders ...

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The FCC Is Mandated with Supporting the Public Interest Regarding Spectrum


The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is mandated with managing regulatory spectrum, and is constrained with maintaining the public interest in spectrum allocation and use (including where to allocate the spectrum, managing interference, etc.) However, this is generally narrowly interpreted in terms ...

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News broke last week that security researchers from SR Labs had been able to hack the fingerprint sensor on Samsung's Galaxy S5, allowing them to conduct PayPal transactions from the device.  Whilst this may be alarming to some, it should not be seen as a major security flaw for several issues.

Firstly, as with ...

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