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Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR is big news on many fronts. My fellow analysts are deconstructing it as we speak, whereas in this post I want to share a few words on what the purchase tells us about the future of innovation. Its symbolic significance is quite striking, and I’m not only talking about how ...

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The enterprise mobility market and IoT could see a very fruitful collaboration in the years to come. Enterprise mobility has been popularized with key terms being thrown around like ‘consumerization of IT’, BYOD, MDM leading to BYO’X’ and M’X’M variations. Workspace solutions (i.e., containers, app wrappers, virtualized containers) are the current buzzwords but it ...

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Going/deciphering through my notes from this year’s Mobile World Congress, I have as of late become growingly keen on lensless cameras. My early sightings of the concept have come mostly from Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs, which publicized some fruits of its research on the topic around mid-2013. At MWC, it was one of the key ...

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The latest rumor in telecom M&A arena has French conglomerate Bouygues in a hot bid for Vivendi’s SFR.   A tie-up like this will result in the largest mobile Telecom in France.  How does this concentration of market power measure up, and what will the regulator say? 

Let’s look at market share before ...

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Media attention for the launch of Apple’s in-car smartphone integration standard CarPlay on Volvo, Ferrari, and Mercedes vehicles at the Geneva auto show is huge.  Announced as iOS in the Car in 2013, it emerged under the CarPlay name allowing calling, messaging, navigating, and listening to music on iPhones controlled via voice (Siri) or ...

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