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It is interesting to note the similarities between how Wi-Fi and cellular technologies are developing.  In a very general, rough way, the following are comparable:

  • 802.11n and LTE
  • 802.11ac and LTE-Advanced
  • 802.11ad and 5G

The first comparison can be looked at as a starting point for the comparisons.  In going ...

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One of the leading M2M/IoT verticals, Smart Home is a field that we at ABI Research are covering extensively under our dedicated research service. My colleagues who specialize in the subject matter are currently working hard to analyze what Google’s acquisition of Nest, for no less than US$3.2 billion, will mean for ...

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Much is written about Softbank/Sprint acquiring T-Mobile.  The scale economies suggested by the Rule of Three and Four support this move, but there are a lot of obstacles in the way.  Ignoring the serious political implications of a telcom merger like this, we can look at one of the measures the DoJ ...

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I didn’t attend the show myself this year, but for what I’ve followed the media coverage and observations from my fellow ABIers who have been at the event, it would seem that the Internet of Things has indeed been at the epicentre of CES 2014. This isn't too surprising. A quick glimpse of Google ...

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