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There is a lot of speculation among the pundits about NOK acquiring the ALU radio business.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing for NOK, as they would bulk up their scale with valuable footprint in the USA.  LTE is just beginning a good run with lots of future business.  It would also provide ALU with ...

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When six U.S. luxury home automation players recently opted to join forces and form a single company: VIA International. The consolidation was carried out as a partnership, not a merger or acquisition. An unusual approach, but one that nevertheless has a number of drivers that speak to the development and fragmentation of the home ...

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Major U.S. retail brands and the world’s largest online retailers have launched smart home automation offerings in the past six months and more are sure to follow.

In July, Amazon launched its Home Automation store, which aggregates home automation devices and consumer tutorials on the site. But it is the foray by big box ...

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It was a contrasting summer for smart meter deployment news in Europe.

·          In France, plans for smart meter rollout by the national distribution network were announced to start next year.

·          In Germany, the government presented justification to the European Union for reigning in its own smart meter deployments.

·          In ...

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