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There is a premise that the more subscribers an operator has, the greater economy of scale it can achieve. And yes, this is broadly correct. For example, from ABI Research’s Mobile Carrier Strategies Research Service, we have established that China Mobile is the carrier with the highest overall gross profit for 1Q 2013 (US ...

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Since January 2010, the head of BTRC started planning for 3G licensing and stated the operating licenses would be issued in August 2010, which attracted a number of international telecommunication companies’ interests at that time. However, August 2010 came without the regulator committing to an auction. Despite this, the state-run Teletalk proposed launching 3G services ...

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It is clear that the Internet of Things is starting to make quite a splash in the enterprise space. That’s where better platforms for deploying and managing M2M systems (from likes of Axeda, Sierra Wireless, and ThingWorx), together with involvement from relevant software houses (take e.g. IBM, Salesforce, and Splunk), are paving the way ...

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