Small Operators Should jump at SDN/NFV/Virtualization

When the SDN/NFV buzz started, it seemed that only the WebScale operators could leverage such things, because after all, one needed data centers that are measured in acres with Avogadro’s Number of servers.   But these turns out not to be the case.  In fact, small operators should take a close look at virtualization technology beginning with the Network Services Plane. 



A good place to start is with video/web optimization and then evolving most anything in the Gi-LAN to virtualization.   “Grow as you earn” is a good strategy of aligning CapEx/OpEx with Revenues.  An operator can right-size the computing resource for this portion of their core network and add servers or blades as needed.  And with Commercial IT, they can pretty much count on 20% - 30% performance gains with each Tick-Tock of Moore’s Law.   When the platform is not max’ed out running Video, then it is available for other offline backend processes. 

With SDN/NFV, even the small telco can offer services previously thought possible for only the WebScale operators.  Further insights how this strategy can benefit all mobile broadband operators are discussed in the ABI Research Insight Operators Can Step Up to SDN/NFV by Virtualizing Video.  There we look at a scenario using OpenWave Mobility as the change agent starting with video and web optimization.  By approaching their network evolution this way, operators can “kick it up a notch” to WebScale performance and start on the path to the network of tomorrow.