WiGig Brand Announced!


The Wi-Fi Alliance revealed the new WiGig brand on September 9th. This clearly demonstrates the Alliance's commitment to bringing 60GHz technology into the market.


There were many assumptions made about how the Alliance would brand 802.11ad and it was interesting to see that they have chosen to keep the WiGig brand. This could be a good way to differentiate 60GHz wireless from the rest of Wi-Fi but it could also add to confusion around Wi-Fi specifications amongst the consumer. 


I would have personally opted to stick to 11ad following on from 11n and 11ac and keep all of these well covered under the Wi-Fi umbrella in order to avoid consumer confusion but I can see the benefits to having a separate brand also.


The next question is how will the Wi-Fi Alliance choose to brand 802.11ah?


ABI Research will be following events closely! See the Wi-Fi Research Service for more details.