ALU and Waterloo

Are you ready for the rhyme of history set for June 19?   There are too many coincidences for this to be a random event.  Consider (and Google it a bit) 

  • June 19, French Troops liberate the island of Elba in WWII.
  • Napoleon, Emperor of France was exiled on Elba until The Hundred Days of Napoleon
  • “Le petit caporal” though not the largest in stature, rose to high command
  • June 19, Michel Combes announces the return of Alcatel-Lucent from exile, and perhaps launch The Hundreds Days of Combes?
  • Napoleon and Waterloo the Swedish pop hit – a hidden message, but not for ABBA!
  • All this has happened before, may happen again, but perhaps with a different outcome? 

Maybe the above is a bit heavy on the tin-foil hat theory, but I do expect to hear something daring and bold from Monsieur Combes on June 19.  Even without mixing metaphors, I’m getting a bad feeling.  I suspect we are on the verge of a comeback and confrontation.  If things are to change for ALU, it should be a bold, disruptive and unexpected move on June 19.   

For a little more serious discussion: Alcatel-Lucent:  Get Scrappy, or else…

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