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NSN and Intel team up to push IT media functions into the base station with the NSN Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS).  This is another example of converging Telco and IT functions and points to Software Defined Networking gaining momentum. 



With a server in the base station several considerations arise ...

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AT&T announces a heavy-handed imposition of an arbitrary 61¢ fee per user and sets the twitterati ablaze.   Megabits of commentary angst like “worst outcome” “destroy net neutrality” “punish their customer” have been spilled over this. 

But why would AT&T do this?  Because they can, and it is all in the pricing strategy ...

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The Internet is a singular force majeure.  Fuelled by dynamic technological advances and a growing number of connected people and machines, it has created a rich digital environment. However this same growth has also intensified the opportunities for malicious exploit. The Internet’s borderless nature has inevitably facilitated the emergence of advanced threats.

Despite significant ...

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NVIDIA announced the final specs and retail pricing for its SHIELD portable Android-based (“pure” Jelly Bean) console.  The device will sport a quad core Tegra 4 (1.9 GHz) processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB Flash memory (microSD up to 64GB supported).  It will include a range of connectivity features including: 802.11n ...

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Operators and Content Providers should work together and bring two-sided business models to market.  This will increase the overall allocation of resources to the most profitable use.   

ESPN is said to seek these agreements with mobile broadband operators to ensure subscriber access their content.  This is a good idea as mobile broadband ...

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After the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 two weeks ago in the United Kingdom, Europe, and some areas of the United States - without distribution problems, we are now beginning to see the full proliferation of "phablet" (smartphone screen size of 5 inches and greater) devices. Rewind just over 18 months ago, to the release ...

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In March 2013, Vietnam's large telecom company, CMC Telecom, and cable TV service provider, VTCV, announced plans to provide cable broadband service in Vietnam starting from August 2013.

The new broadband service will be branded as GigaNet Home with download speed between 2Mbps and 10 Mbps. CMC Telecom announced that the monthly cost of ...

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Press accounts provide drama on the power struggle between Verizon and Vodafone over the fate of their JV money printing machine, Verizon Wireless.   Negotiations must be underway in the smoke filled back rooms, but it is exciting to have the “leaks” in the industry press provide the melodrama.  It will be fun to ...

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