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The growth of cloud-based offerings for mobile devices and PCs is leading to the convergence of a single security product. A number of vendors are in fact moving towards this strategy: development of cloud and mobile functionalities for future integration into one multi-device offering.

The PC security software market for consumers is mature. Currently, many ...

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One of Europe’s biggest cyber security conferences, Infosecurity Europe 2013 has been making waves over the past two days and is rounding-up today. The exhibition floor was packed and eventful, indicative of a flourishing IT security market. There is no denying that cyber security has gained visibility in the past few years, with high-profile hacking ...

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Intel continues their advance into SDN with the release of reference designs for both a server and a switch to promote rapid ecosystem development for SDN/NFV.

If the IT and telecom communities rally around its initiative, the combined scale economies could be huge.    One wag once said, “Faster, better or cheaper – pick ...

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The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico recently passed a bill proposed by the President to overhaul the telecommunication industry. Some major initiatives are as follows:

  • Establishing the Federal Telecommunications Institute, a new regulator with the power to impose asymmetric regulation and mandate the unbundling of services and, perhaps most notably, the divestiture of firms with ...

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Facebook Home, the social network's big mobile moment, turned out to be quite much less extensive than what we predicted back in 2011. It isn’t an OS and it isn't an OS fork, but it certainly goes deeper than an ordinary Android skin. Call it a spoon, a spork, an under-overlay, an unusually ...

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As we like to do, a group of analysts here at ABI Research have been discussing the potential implications of Facebook Home.  As someone focused on all things relating to Security & ID, I was asked whether having an always on, top-of-the-page, news stream and updates from friends, family and those others that you have ...

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The M&A rumor mill went into hyper-drive Tuesday as substantial but anonymous reports of AT&T potentially collaborating with its arch-rival Verizon Wireless to acquire Vodafone. On the face of it, it sounds like a “cunning plan”. Verizon Communications wants to secure full control over its Verizon Wireless subsidiary, in which Vodafone holds a 45% share ...

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