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Imagine it is Dec-2007, and you are in Kenya, and you heard on the television news that the government made a commitment to assure 100% internet penetration by 2017. Would you bet for or against that commitment?

Fast forward to December 2012, and on the 15th December, Kenya’s ICT board announced it wishes to attain ...

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The impact of WhatsApp, and other “Over The Top” messaging clients such as Viber, have been stark. In Western Europe, for example, while mobile data usage is gathering pace, a number of other metrics are very much in retreat. In most countries around Europe, minutes of use has contracted up to 4.5% quarter on ...

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Most Holiday Cards are - well - Holiday Cards.  I've recevied cards with company history (Ericsson:, a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank (Cisco), and the Like.

However, this Present put a smile on my face; some remakes of test clips to show how crisp and clear 4K / UltraHD can ...

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Reading through some of the cyber trends forecasted for the next year/decade/millennia, I get the feeling that there are two very diverging paths. Either I embark immediately on the construction of a space-capable, self-supporting, eco-something survival pod or I do nothing and just give up now on ever seeing HAL 9000 pitted against ...

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