Timing: The Chromebook Opportunity


The opportunity for Chromebooks has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time for an audience need.  This opportunity is somewhat similar to the position that netbooks were in during 2009.  With the economy challenging many consumer household budgets, an affordable portable computer could draw much of the buying audience.  Similar to netbooks as well is the lack of awareness and exposure the mass consumer audience has with these systems.  User expectation and user experience will be pivotal for early adopters of Chromebooks to successfully recommend them to friends, family and colleagues.

The addition of Intel-based Chromebooks alongside the ARM-powered Chromebooks available now will not inherently make the user experience better.  Since Chromebooks require internet connectivity for basic operation, the performance of web connectivity will really be the determining factor.  Processor technologies have generally surpassed the capabilities of other key system components, resulting in a tiered set of solutions within a device or system category.  These tiers could vary by processor architecture, size of display, and of course price.

Consumers considering a portable computer purchase should try as many models as possible to find one that fits their lifestyle and intended usage.  A Chromebook may be an affordable solution for internet-based applications and services.