A Big Deal – Imagination, ARM and MIPS in IP Market Acquisition

Today a big deal has been announced by three of the world’s largest processor IP companies.

Imagination Technologies announced it intended to acquire part of MIPS Technologies including 82 key patents, the operating business and rights to all of the remaining patents, for $60 million cash. This coincides with a separate transaction in which Bridge Crossing LLC will acquire 498 of MIPS' total 580 patent assets for $350 million. Bridge Crossing LLC is a consortium led by ARM Holdings, the leading CPU IP supplier worldwide.

This is a big deal for the IP market; it removes a competitor (MIPS) and strengthens two major IP suppliers’ portfolios. It is also a big deal for the UK as both ARM and Imagination are UK based companies. And it also has wider ramifications for the whole of the semiconductor market as most semiconductor vendors are licensees of one or more of these IP vendors.


More analysis to follow…..