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Mobile has become the new playground for cybercrime, and so far, malware is having a field day. The migration of traditional PC-based threats, such as Trojans, spyware and spam, to the mobile platform is not surprising. The popularization of mobile operating systems such as Android, and the general lack of public awareness, has enabled malware ...

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​A few points on the blowout following the launch of Apple Maps:

There have been rumors for months that the beta version wasn’t up to scratch so Apple must have known there would be issues. There is another side to this story and it may well be that Google has intelligently forced Apple to play ...

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After surveying the impacts of spectrum mortgage as proposed in India, we cast our eyes on Brazil for another policy matter: tax.

Essentially, the Communications Minister of Brazil is concerned with the following:

“Excessive” taxes that amount to “38% of mobile phone bills”

“Distortion” as a result of higher taxes on prepaid services (52 ...

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Citigroup announced in August that it was to become the first U.S bank to issue Citigroup branded payment cards into the Chinese market, without the co-branding of CUP (China Union Pay), although CUP will be processing the transactions on behalf of Citigroup the drop in co-branding indicates a growing openness in its payment and ...

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​We’ve been doing quite a bit of research on HTML5 lately, especially when it comes to quantifying its impact on mobile app development. I’ve personally grown slightly concerned by the width of generalizations that you tend to see in the discourse over this subject. There are a lot of predictions (many of them, admittedly, very ...

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