Vendors Getting Busy Managing the Data Tsunami

In late 2Q-2012, I attended a jointed Nokia-Siemens Network/LG U+ LTE demo and briefing in South Korea. It would be hard to deny it was impressive. In downtown Seoul, with a LTE-capable handset from LG we were able to achieve download speeds of 32 MBps and upload speeds of 17 MBps. In a more secluded part of the city, under a Nokia-Siemens Networks engineered base-station, we were able to achieve download speeds of 62 MBps and upload speeds of 32 MBps. And all on a regular handset.

Is this going overboard with the data throughput? Will anyone use it? Most definitely they will, as the increased data throughput will transform the habits of the smartphone user. In Seoul, on the LTE connection, Korean end-users were regularly “snacking” on HD video clips of their favourite soap operas, business and entertainment news, and gaming. With such a hyper fast connection, end-users could browse, select and on hop onto a video download or stream virtually instantaneously… anywhere in the clip.
But what about the tsunami wave of data? Is it about to swamp the LTE operators?