Putting a 4.8-inch Screen Size Into Perspective

​There are a lot of blogs and articles making a big deal about the screen sizes of new phones. There is a continuous trend of screen sizes getting bigger because generally it is a case of bigger is better. The only problem is with how the phone fits into smaller hands. But is 4.8" all that much larger? Many people are wrongly comparing it to 4.3" screens. 4.3" screens are mostly aligned with Android 2.3 and silk-screened buttons. Phones designed for Android 4.0 have screens that extend into where the silk-screened buttons used to be. This was first seen with the Galaxy Nexus (4.65") which is not all that different in size from an older device with a 4.3" screen.

So a 4.8" screen should really be compared to a 4.65" screen (which maintained the same general size as the older 4.3" screens + silk screened area). The 4.8" screen is just a little bit larger than the 4.65" screen. It's not drastic.