NOOK in the Dark

Barnes & Noble today announced a Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight electronic book reader that can be viewed in the dark. The announcement beats recent Amazon rumors of a Kindle eReader with a backlit display.

One of the advantages of the electrophoretic display (EPD) on digital readers is the low power consumption; only consuming power when redrawing the screen and not when displaying static content. B&N claims the new Nook model’s battery can maintain a charge for up to one month of reading with the light on. The company also says that the GlowLight addition is patent-pending.

Shipping in early May, the new eReader will be available for $139 directly from Barnes & Noble and its retail partners. Like other Nook products, the biggest drawback for those considering an eReader is that Barnes & Noble only offers the devices and eBooks in the United States.

Barnes & Noble has successfully maintained its #2 position in the eBook Reader market with its Nook line of devices through 2011.