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The mobile telecoms industry is one of India's biggest success stories, alongside outsourcing. However, this once fast growing industry is now quickly maturing, with sedate growth and high levels of debt from previous license auctions. All the Indian operators except Bharti Airtel, make low returns on their mobile telecom capital inside the country. Nevertheless ...

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Someone asked me recently if I felt that the NFC market developments which I have written about recently affected my forecasts for this year and next​. For the record, my current expectation for this year is 81M handsets, and 174M in 2013.

Despite the proclamations of the advent of the ...

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​A recent study by the AAA in the USA revealed that distracted driving was a bigger problem than ever, especially for teenage drivers. With electronic devices the number one problem, there were plenty of other causes, such as conversations with other occupants, personal grooming, and eating and drinking.

The one positive conclusion was that there ...

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Over the past 8 weeks or so, it seems the media has gleefully skewered Google for their Google Wallet project and wondered aloud if Google Wallet is already doomed. They have cited personnel moves by project team members (some moved internally, two have left Google), the security problem with rooted phones, and Google’s demand that ...

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Everyone by now knows how important 4G smartphones are to growing 4G subscribers. But it is always good to see how imporant it is by looking at the data. In this LteWorld blog, you can see an important inflection point in subscriber growth. LTE subscribers on NTT DoCoMo's network took one year to reach ...

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HypnoCore Ltd has launched a consumer focused analysis application under the name SleepRate that highlights ongoing disintermediation between wearable devices and the applications that leverage them.

Tel Aviv based HypnoCore Ltd was founded to commercialize a sleep monitoring application for professional healthcare use. Now it is extending its application and algorithms that convert heart ...

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Cisco announced a $5B acquisition of NDS Technologies. Cisco’s Videoscape platform was unveiled in early 2011, and provides technologies that enable telephone companies to deliver IPTV services, as well as help cable operators to deliver multiscreen video (TV Everywhere) technologies.

NDS is the leader in both the conditional access (content protection) and middleware markets, including ...

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At CableLabs Winter Conference, Broadcom announced a few new products.

The BCM7435 (Dual Transcoding MoCA 2.0 Gateway) is, in some ways, designed to refute Intel Atoms' entry (CE4x00 line - CE4100/SodaVille and CE4200/Groveland ) into the set-top box market by providing significant computing power to operators. These products are shipping today. In some cases ...

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