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CableLabs recently completed an Ad Interoperability Event, with Canoe Ventures, BlackArrow, Avail-TVN, Harris, Nagra/OpenTV, SeaChange and This Technology participating. Additional details are available at:

This event, designed to test out the SCTE 130 Ad Decision Manager (ADM) / Ad ​Decision Server (ADS) interface, will help operators to have confidence in building systems with hardware and software components from multiple vendors. Notably absent from the event were Ericsson and Motorola, who had participated in previous SCTE 130 events.

Comcast (working with BlackArrow)has already been rolling VOD Ads in most of its footprint. Other operators have begun limited trials, using a single vendor to avoid interoperability issues or testing the solution in-house prior to launch.

For more details on these players roles in Advanced Advertising please see: