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First we had discovery, and now we've discovery and habit. That has been onenotable trend in the app economy over the past year or so:the growing attention to user retention and engagement.As start-up mentor and “behavior engineer” Nir Eyal explains inhis blog, the tech industry’s current top dogma, viral growth, will ...

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Multichannel News yesterday reported that Canoe Ventures would shut down its interactive TV (iTV) development, and move forward with only a VOD delivery focus. In our recent Advanced Advertising report, we highlighted that iTV had a modest (3-5% of ad sales) revenue potential. Unlocking that potential is seen as being dependent on two key factors ...

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I was thinking​ this morning about how many NFC (new) handsets I might expect to see in at Mobile World Congress inBarcelona at the end of the month. Truth be told, I don't have very high expectations. I hope that I am wrong but given the fact thatprogress has been slow over the past ...

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The Femto Forum has rebranded itself to the Small Cell Forum, although I genuinely think that it’s come slightly late in the day. Most of the vendors in the Femto Forum have long past rebranded their own marketing messagesto include small cells as a part of the larger discussion. However, it’s good to see ...

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CableLabs recently completed an Ad Interoperability Event, with Canoe Ventures, BlackArrow, Avail-TVN, Harris, Nagra/OpenTV, SeaChange and This Technology participating. Additional details are available at:

This event, designed to test out the SCTE 130 Ad Decision Manager (ADM) / Ad ​Decision Server (ADS) interface, will help operators to ...

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Verizon and Coinstar announced a joint venture today (65% Verizon/35% Coinstar) to launch a national video service with physical and digital delivery. While few details are currently available, it will be primarily subscription based. We suspect the business model will mirror that which Netflix abandoned – unlimited streaming access to long-tail content with a ...

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Facebook has a longstanding problem of making money out of it's mobile platform. It goes something like this;

* Facebook is funded from advertising revenue

* Targeted advertising on Facebook is very alluring and companies are happy to pay for it

* Facebook has 845 million active users that advertisements can be served to

* More than half ...

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The latest dispute between Datawind, the makers of “Aakash” and IIT Rajasthan, a premier educational institution, which was the procurement agency for “Aakash” has come to an end with the Indian government taking matters in its own hands and taking away not only procurement responsibility but also drafting of specifications from IIT and giving ...

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As Intel enter the smartphone market with design wins at Motorola, Lenovo and China Unicom for x86 based applications processors they are up against the combined might of ARM licensees already entrenched in the market.

Whilst Qualcomm, TI, Broadcom, Nvidia, etc. are relatively small semiconductor suppliers compared with Intel overall their combined might and solid ...

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