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​CES 2012 was notable for the shift taking place in the home automation booths and displays. In years past, there was a growing crescendo of home automation activity, as represented by the growing numbers of home automation-specific vendors and the growing size of the floor space devoted specifically to M2M. The wave seems to ...

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If you aren’t yet fully acquainted with the concept of fantasy sports, it may not be entirely your fault. Most of us enthusiasts feel that as a pastime it’s still somewhat too stigmatizing to be announced during a dinner party, or at least before the occasion has progressed to the digestif. (Although calling it ...

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At CES, I witnessed some interesting uses of visual augmented reality. Objects in a camera viewer were animated and overlayed onto the view of a tablet or smartphone. This type of AR could provide new ways for manufacturing and field services organizations to create and fix products.

But it also highlights how digitization of the ...

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​How journalism adapts to the digital era is one of this decade’s big questions. More and more of the content has to be real-time, constantly updated, and at the same time more or less everyone is covering more or less everything so differentiation is increasingly difficult. And yes, the money is tight.

With that in ...

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Mindspeed’s $76.8m acquisition ofbaseband chipset maker picoChip is significant and marks the true transition from what could be called as the ‘femtocell-era’ into what is being referred to as the small cell revolution. 2011 was the year when the term ‘small cells’ emerged, mostly seen as an umbrella term under which femtocells, picocells ...

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As I mentioned in a recently-published Insight, 2011 saw a spate of well-documented forays into the home automation/home energy markets by service providers such as telcos, cable operators, security companies and more recently, utilities. However, today’s news that US home improvement giant, Lowe’s, will sell home automation kits from UK-based SaaS provider, AlertMe, shows ...

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​There are many new businesses popping up to facilitate car sharing. Some (e.g. Wheelz, RelayRides, Getaround) are designed to allow existing car owners to rent their own vehicles when they would otherwise be sitting idle.

Some OEMs are also involved in supplying what is effectively a new form of rental fleet. Mercedes-Benz has Car2Go ...

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