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In a press release GM announced details about what new telematics technologies will be showcased and discussed by OnStar and Cadillac at CES 2012:

Cadillac CUE information and entertainment system including research methods behind the creation of CUE
OnStar 4G LTE cloud technology - cooperation with Verizon Wireless on content streaming including rear seat infotainment and video chat
OnStar FMV aftermarket rearview mirror – new features
OnStar RemoteLink and home energy management
A press conference will also be held.
The 4G LTE concept clearly points to GM’s ambitions to extend its traditional safety and security telematics offer to advanced infotainment based on high speed cloud services enabling rear seat infotainment and video-based communication. Cadillac CUE similarly is focused on entertainment complementing the OnStar safety and security system. And with Intellilink GM has already shown how infotainment can be brought into the car via smartphone integration.
However,GM's ultimate goal seems to be tooffer high bandwidth infotainment as an embedded feature, maintaining its strategy of offering reliable and robust solutions known from OnStar and differentiating it from cheaper but less dependable hybrid solutions such as Ford SYNC. However, it will be interesting to see at what price GM will be able to offer broadband infotainment to the car owner. Maybe multi-device data plans will come to its rescue – just in time.