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​We recently published an Insighton the introduction of new technology from Broadcom that allows 100 Mbps communication in a vehicle over an unshielded twisted-pair cable. While the cost savings and improved design flexibility make this a worthwhile technology, the real benefit is the opportunity to overhaul the complete electronic architecture.

As electric vehicles come to market from many different OEMs, there is a combination of new companies and traditional automotive names looking to capture a share. Telematics is playing a prominent role in helping to overcome the buyer's fear of range anxiety with the shift to a new energy source via an infrastructure that is only just being rolled out.

However the massive increase in on-board automotive electronics is proving a challenge for the existing automotive configuration that has evolved slowly over many years. So far only BMW has discussed a radical new approach, with its i3 and i8 concept vehicles. Expect more on this in 2012...