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China, and China Mobile in particular, is very keen on TD-LTE. It is seen as the natural successor to TD-SCDMA, China’s domestic 3G standard. While Wang Jianzhou, the CEO of China Mobile, would be overjoyed if the iPhone 5S did support TD-LTE, it may be more pragmatic for Apple and China Mobile to ensure that TD-SCDMA is added to the iPhone 5.

China is Apple’s fastest growing market. Apple’s largest revenue generating Apple store is not in New York, but rather in Beijing.Remarkably, China Mobile already has 9.5 million iPhone users who purchased their handsets through the grey market. Those 9.5 million China Mobile iPhone users cannot access the operator’s 3G network.

Nokia recently announced that it is launching a Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone with TD-SCDMA support for China Mobile.

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