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In our recent report on Digital Rights Management (DRM), we highlighted a number of companies that provide hardware and software solutions underlying CA and DRM solutions. These companies provide a mix of core technologies (Intertrust), semiconductor IP solutions (Authentec‘s SafeNet IP), software development tools enabling code hardening (Metaphoric), and porting solutions or turnkey implementations hardened for specific devices (Irdeto’s Cloakware and Authentec).

Since we published this, Arxan released a white paper highlighting their mobile solutions in this space, used in Google’s Widevine DRM solutions. Arxan’s technologies enable tamper resistance, prevent reverse engineering, protect communication channels and prevent spoofing attacks. Arxan’s solutions are inserted at the binary level, which can provide additional resilience beyond source-code approaches. In addition to DRM, Arxan provides solutions to a number of end-markets, including in traditional enterprise IT applications, biometrics and high value CAD tool licensing.