AT&T Prepares for Additional Media Tablet Roll-Outs on HSPA+ Network

US network operator AT&T has thrown its support behind an additional pair of media tablets as carriers look to break out of the smartphone stigma.

AT&T and HP announced Tuesday that AT&T will be the exclusive mobile network operator provider of the upcoming HP TouchPad 4G. The HSPA+ model will beavailable through HP commercial channels, AT&T Business Service and major US retailers. The HP TouchPad 4G will have a 1.5 GHz applications processor, 32 GB of internal storage, and integrated GPS. The TouchPad will support Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Quickoffice, video calling, and the ability to print wirelessly to networked printers. HP recently launched its first media tablet, the HP TouchPad, in the US.

On Wednesday, AT&T added that it will be the exclusive HSPA+ service provider in the US for the Sony "S2" media tablet. The S2offers a dual, 5.5-inchdisplay(a la the Kyocera Echo handset)and will reportedly be PlayStation-certified, like the Xperia Play.

Pricing and commercial availability of these devices on the AT&T network has not been disclosed.