Australian ACMA Rural 2.3GHz Spectrum Auction Complete

ACMA Rural 2.3GHz spectrum auction

Australia has just completed its ACMA Rural 2.3GHz spectrum auction today, 13th July 2011.
NBN Co (National Broadband Network) landed 24 licences, Telstra acquired 12, while vividwireless (via its subsidiary, BKAL Pty Ltd) received 4 licenses. The 40 licences raised a total of AU$1.67 million. NBN Co and Telstra paid AU$1.33 million and AU$ 304,300, respectively. BKAL paid $37,300.
What is interesting is the use of this spectrum. NBN Co have the objective of rolling out Next Generation Broadband services to Australian homes and businesses. NBN Co anticipates that the vast majority of homes and businesses will access next generation broadband through fiber-optic connectionbut around 7% of homes/businesses will need access to LTE to realise that vision. NBN Co expects to complete its full roll-out by 2015.