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We regularly publish total worldwide semiconductor rankings and this gives me a chance to get some perspectives on the whole market rather than small sections of it.

The 1Q11 update seemed to show it was business as usual for many suppliers but with some major merger and acquisition activity in 2011 the market is set (certainly at the top level) to change significantly.

Three of the biggest announcements were Intel's purchase of Infineon's wireless solutions business (completed 1Q11), Qualcomm's purchase of Atheros (completed 2Q11) and Texas Instruments purchase of National Semiconductor (Due for completion 4Q11). Each will have a significant impact on worldwide semiconductor supplier shares and​competition in markets such as mobile device semiconductors,wireless connectivity and analog ICs.

I'm looking forward to the end of the next quarter to see the initial impact of M&A activity on supplier market shares and (of course)wondering whatwill happen nextin theconstantlychangingworld of semiconductors.