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The Asia-Pacific smartphone market is really starting to fire on all cylinders.

Despite notching up US$ 26 billion in sales in 2010, the Asia-Pacific smartphone market still lagged behind Europe and North America. However by 2012, Asia-Pac is expected to eclipse them both. Asia smartphone shipments in 2011 could well deliver 35% growth, perhaps higher. While iPhone, Android and BlackBerry are on strong growth trajectories, there are question-marks as to whether Nokia-Microsoft can ramp up Window Mobile 7 smartphone sales to compensate for the possible decline in Nokia’s Symbian smartphones shipments.
Asia has long been a bastion of support for Nokia sales support but Apple’s, Samsung’s, RIM’s, HTC’s, smartphones have been undermining purchasing interest in Nokia’s smartphone from Asia’s customers. Nokia will have to take pro-active steps to maintain its momentum in the Asia market. Asia, Europe and Emerging Market sales have always helped to compensate for Nokia's weaker presence in North America.
(Based, in part, on commentary from a Channel News Asia Interview, 12-May-2011)