Bluetooth SIG AHM 2011

I attended the Bluetooth SIG "All Hands Meeting" in April, held in Budapest. Looked like an interesting city to visit (from my hotel room) but as usual with these trips it was a flying visit and the view from the hotel room is all I got, but I digress….

The event seemed to be very well attended and the recently re-organization and new focus on the SIG gave lots of scope for presentations and a lively debate.
My overall impression was that, although it can sometimes take a little longer than member companies would like to finalize a new specification (and it can be frustrating), it is worth the delay to get it right. Bluetooth Low Energy will bring about an exciting new era for Bluetooth, pushing it into new markets that would otherwise have remained out of reach. Cellular handsets will continue to be the main market and the enabler for others such as wireless sensors.