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It was onlyat the start of Aprilwhen I wrote the following words ​in relation to Amazon's launch of two new cloud-based services:

"In the meantime, as service providers push to open this market and gain competitive advantage by being first to market, it is highly probable that a high profile lapse will occur. Any such instance could easily set the market back a number of years, damaging the trust that is necessary to enable cloud services to take off. Service providers must not neglect cloud security and allow this to happen."

Unfortunately this now seems rather prophetic with myself being one of 105 million potential victims. How will I, and all of the others,react in the future when asked to enter my credit card details into a supposedly reputable web-site? It will surely make us all think twice in the future, particularly if there is any use of member's credit card details.

My focus then was around the need for cloud security, and how thiswill evolve in the future. Without further development and consideration I would expect the uptake of new services to be impacted following some high profile names, including and TripAdvisor as well as Sony, having fallen victim to hackers.