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Today, Dish Network acquired the assets of Blockbuster, Inc – including 1,700 stores that will remain after an additional 700 store liquidations complete. The bid was valued at $320 Million dollars. What is Dish Network getting?
1,700 stores
Several thousand Blockbuster Express Kiosks
Content agreements with Hollywood to gain access to day and date DVD Rentals.
Blockbuster On Demand streaming movie service that competes with Netflix
Blockbuster by Mail delivery service

Dish plus Blockbuster could be all entertainment things to all people – Leave your kids watching Blockbuster on Demand as you Sling your favorite recorded satellite-broadcast TV show to your smartphone while filling up gas and renting another movie from the kids at the Blockbuster Kiosk as you drive to the Blockbuster store to pay your Dish network bill.

We expect to see Dish Network capitalize on the Blockbuster brand name in a number of service offerings (possibly the "Blockbuster Dish Network") and use the physical footprint to sell and service (collect payments) its various products.