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There has been a lot of talk surrounding WiMAX and LTE lately. Especially around companies that have had network deployments and experience around WiMAX in the past years.

WiMAX vendors that have stuck through the whole thick of problems and issues that have been associated with commercially developing, deploying and expanding a 4G radio access ...

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After our recent whitepaper on Compact base stations there have been a lot of questions on why we didn’t include femtocells within the coverage. The reason was because we see femtocells as low power access points, where the output power is typically 10mW-100mW for indoor residential grade femtocells, and 200-300mW for enterprise grade or metro ...

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Yesterday Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in their earnings call that “In the last 12 months customers around the world have ordered more than $1 billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device.”

This is not the breakthrough point you might think it is for mobile commerce.

There is no doubt that $1 ...

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Some will look at Apple’s response today to well-publicized concerns over antenna design in the new iPhone 4G as tempering an overblown non-issue. Others will see it as a company with a relatively unblemished track record in product launches taking the “rock star” approach and pointing fingers at the rest of the mobile device industry ...

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If this report is true and made official, then the Indian government will ban 25 Chinese firms and one Israeli firm from doing business in India. This includes Huawei and ZTE. This is happening just as the 4G market is about to explode in India, with service providers with new spectrum planning WiMAX, LTE, and ...

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While the Android Market and its selection of apps has grown steadily and far outpaced the rest of the challenger’s to the iTunes App Store, it still trails the iPhone’s store’s app count by more than half. Starting this week, Google is taking steps to correct that mismatch in available apps with the launch of ...

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