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So, here it is. Launch day for the iAd mobile ad platform from Apple. It’s going to be a big deal…just not today.

Some of the initial advertisers will not have campaigns ready for several months, according toAdAge. So this won’t be anything like the launch of a new iPhone model. It’s a first ...

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There is fresh evidence that more online retailers are getting their mobile acts together. And while that’s a welcome trend for the future of mobile marketing, the vast majority of sites still need to get this sorted out.

The new evidence comes from digital marketing firm Acquity Group, which announced results of its second annual ...

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The WiMAX Forum today announced that it has published a standard for 802.16e femtocells. There is a certification drive planned for early 2011, something which we haven’t seen on WCDMA or CDMA femtocells.

While a standard is always good for the general adoption of a technology, WiMAX femtocells haven’t really taken off. There are ...

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I've had my Sprint EVO for nearly a week and one thing that has been lurking in the back of my mind is how the EVO will do in terms of battery life. Some early reviewers have said that things are a bit thin in this regard but obviously I need to find out ...

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I activated the phone by calling Sprint as their on-line tool seemed a bit balky with the EVO. All in all, it only took a few minutes.

I found the EVO large, by cellphone standards, but this should not be a surprise since it has such a large screen (4.3"). For me, it's ...

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If there is one lesson to be learnt from the growth in 3G and 3.5G services, it is that widespread service adoption is contingent on the availability of attractive ‘blockbuster’, ‘must have’, handsets. This was true of 3G services, which only really gained the massive data-hungry popularity they now enjoy thanks to the remarkable ...

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In Russia, Rostelecom is planning on deploying LTE in Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be held. Launching cutting edge mobile networks in cities where Olympic Games will be held is becoming commonplace, as seen with Beijing and Vancouver. MegaFon also intends to put an LTE network up in Sochi. The State RF ...

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The femtocell chipset vendor picoChip announced today that it has been able to provide an additional capability in its PC3x3 chipset series called smartSignaling. This includes the PC313 and PC323 chipsets which supports Rx Diversity. With this functionality picoChip claims to be able support 2x-3x more users at the same power level.

With smartSignaling enabled ...

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